Supporting over ten years of professional, hands-on-experience in the fitness world, Brigit received her Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine© (NASM) in 199 9where she began teaching at 24-Hour Fitness in Beverly Hills.  She then went on to manage a Pilates Studio in Pacific Palisades and Manhattan Beach, where she studied and trained one-on-one with New York Master Pilates teacher, Jill Cassidy.  She completed the GYROTONIC® Teacher Trainer course under Master Teacher, Juergen Bamberger...one of the first Master Teachers designated by Juliu Horvath…creater of The Gyrotonic® Expansion System.  In 2005 she received a second Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine© as a Certified Trainer and in 2008 she completed the STOTT PILATES® Group/SPX.  

Brigit is highly qualified to create effective workout routines that complement your unique lifestyle and personal needs and challenge your ultimate potential.  She loves the diversity of her clientele – who range from competitive athletes-in-training to those struggling with weight issues to people wishing to tone, sculpt and lift. 
Brigit cares deeply for people and understands the real-world challenges people face.  Her expertise in fitness, nutrition - and people - enables her to provide a well rounded service. She is committed to helping and motivating you to a happier and healthier way of life.

Brigit Beltram
Elite Personal Trainer