"I am always amazed at how efficient Brigit's classes are. In and out in an hour and you feel you have really done it all: upper and lower body, abs, cardio. Always different, never boring. I've always been a clock watcher during workouts. With Brigit I find I look up and there is only ten minutes to go! But the best part is watching yourself gain strength; and she isn't kidding about the sculpting. I've never been in better shape and I get compliments on my arms all the time. Now THAT is a first for me and I'm in my mid-40s!
  -Lisa Derrick

"I’ve taken kickboxing, yoga, step and dance classes that have predictable routines. The body-you-love small group class is the only one that has resulted total body health with a balance of cardio and strength. I feel amazing and have never had so many compliments on my physique. Lovin’ it!"
  -Cya Nelson

"I have been training with Brigit @ body-you-love for over 3 years now and I am SO pleased with my results. Her classes work every muscle group and leave me feeling great about myself and my body. She is fun and sweet but don't let that fool you - Brigit pushes you to work hard. She comes up with fun, creative and challenging work outs that leave me feeling sore (but in a good way) for days after. She can also offer great nutrition and meal planning advice.
  -Jaime Heer

"Brigit began as my trainer and now I can honestly say she
has changed my life in 100 different ways!"
-Marie Browne

"This class ROCKS. In the first six weeks, I lost weight, lost inches, gained endurance, muscle and strength. Brigit is kind and helpful and? changes the workouts and the great music every day so you never get bored. It's challenging, but it makes me feel so good that I'm actually disappointed when I have to miss a class."

  -Starshine Roshell

"Brigit's plan is brilliant!  Her diet plan is delicious, flexible and effective! Couple this with her great workouts and you really get results!"
 -Elizabeth Lindsey

"I didn't think it would happen but after I started working with Brigit I actually began looking forward to going to the gym. She has a unique gift to see where you get stuck and offer solutions, alternatives, and get you unstuck and moving toward your goals. She reminds you why you are working out and the benefits. Getting through the mental wall of resistance was harder than the weights and workouts which now seem fun. She gets your personal best because she gives you her personal best. Just an amazing instructor and inspiration. I have seen muscles that were gone forever reappear again and it feels great!"
  -David Loeppke

"Brigit's classes are great. She manages to push you while at the same time be understanding and attentive to your needs. On top of that, each class is a different workout so your body never gets the most out of every workout. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone!"
  -Alessa Jonas

"I have just begun training with Brigit at body-you-love and am working out harder than I ever have while enjoying myself. Brigit makes the class fun. Her workouts are creative and fresh. She obviously knows what she is doing. She has a positive attitude and encourages me to push myself as hard as I can. Even in the small group training classes I feel like I get a lot of personal attention. I am already seeing results in my body, mind and spirit thanks to Brigit's classes. Take the free class and see for yourself!"

"I'm so glad I found Brigit's classes (thanks Betsy!).  I have never challenged myself like I do in her classes, and there is no one more supportive and encouraging.  Brigit is able to adapt the workout to meet the needs of the individual - whether they're beginning or advanced and the whole range in between.  Returning to fitness is a challenge, but Brigit has given me the confidence to challenge myself and make my well being a priority.  Thanks Brigit!!"
  -Nora Taugher

"I have been working out for a long time and Brigit's class is quite possibly the best class I have ever taken.  Thanks Brigit!!!"
  -Meara Chase Aubin

"Brigit's class is awesome. She always has something new to keep the workouts challenging and interesting. I am training for a marathon so I have been doing A LOT of running. I started taking Brigit's classes for a change in routine. It has been very refreshing, yet extremely challenging as well. She is always aware of different fitness levels and offers many different variations on exercises to make it accessible for everyone. I highly recommend her classes if you're looking for something new, challenging and fun!"
  -Amy B.

"I LOVE working out with Brigit.  She kicks my butt AND makes me laugh! I've never had results faster and had a better time working out than with Brigit!  She really knows what she's doing!"
  -Gwyneth Ramirez

"Brigit is a great personal trainer and motivator.  My energy level has increased significantly, plus everything feels firmer and tighter since I began her small group training classes.  Thanks for all your help Brigit!"
  -Kathy T

"Brigit has truly changed my life!"
  -Nikki Mickler

"Brigit's classes are a solid hour of total body workout. Returning to fitness after some time away is not the easiest process. Brigit could not be more supportive, attentive and keen on individual results. She has an amazing way of teaching a group class and challenging everyone regardless of their fitness level. Never boring!"

"I have had a lot of trainers...but Brigit is definitely the best! She encourages everybody to give it their best! I don't mind getting up early in the morning because I know I am going to feel great after wards. Thanks so much Brigit!"

Brigit Beltram has been like a beacon in the black bleak night of a lifetime weight problem. Her ability to gear both the nutritional and exercise components to my needs and goals, while encouraging me every step of the way has been miraculous. I have never had such success and belief in my ability to take back my life, health & fitness. I am on the road and enjoying the benefits of personal service, fitness with humor and fun, and sound nutritional help. Thanks to Brigit Beltram!
  -Felicia Danon North

"I love Brigit's small group classes because I get a phenomenal work out and honestly believe I'm getting the best deal in town. Within my first 6 week session I started seeing results, I noticed toning in my arms, abs and legs. The classes are fun and extremely challenging, she creates the most efficient 1 hour work out I can imagine. Also, Brigit gets to know her clients and provides personal attention that is beyond what you'd receive in most group classes. The nutritional advise she offers is an added bonus."

"I lost inches and gained muscles, endurance and confidence by working out with Brigit just twice a week. I'm a fitness wimp, but she makes it fun and entirely doable. I feel like a stud when we finish each day! It's such a good deal and a manageable way to really change your body — I've gotten my friends hooked, too."

"I am really enjoying the training. I look forward to it every time!!! You really make it fun and I'm so glad that I'm experiencing it with you versus someone else. Thanks for everything! "
 -Betsy Schafer

"I really appreciate Brigit's knowledge, professionalism, and friendly approach to a tough workout!"
  -Celso Alverado

"Brigit is extremely talented and her sessions get fast results."
  -Laurie McGinnes   

"I just love your class and thank you so much for making it at such an affordable price for us!"
-Suzana Omena

"Brigit's deep understanding of physiology and kinesthetics has given me confidence that I can work hard in our sessions without fear of injury.  I have enthusiastically recommended her to my closest family members and friends because I know she can help people who are committed to improving their physical lives. Most importantly, Brigit cares about her clients' welfare.  Her confidence in my ability to reach my goals has been inspiring."
  -Gregg Hart 

"Brigit has been my Personal Trainer for almost 5 years!  Her instruction is great and she keeps the workouts fun and extremely challenging!  Thank You!  I look so forward to my workouts! -  You really are the main reasonfor all our success in fitness.  I am sure everyone feels that way.  Who would do all of this work on their own?  I doubt that it would happen without you."

"I find Brigit to be extremely knowledgeable and proficient in strength training, core and cardio exercises.  She is very kind and supportive. She is also well-versed in diet and nutritional issues.  I highly recommend her."
-Donald Waters, RN Retired

"I am loving the class!  Can't wait for the hard work to show on my wedding day :)"

"I LOVE going to Brigit's class.  I haven't felt this strong/healthy in years and I know the credit goes to her.  I ego to the gym now using things I learned from Brigit"

"I am really going to miss you.  In many ways you have been my rock these last years and I will NEVER forget your lessons on health and fitness."
-Elizabeth Pond

"I need a good, old-fashioned Brigit butt-kickin' and I seriously doubt anyone else can get the job done.  I credit your class with improving my endurance and strength and keeping my weight steady even through naughty-diet days.  And making me feel like a can-do'er!  Thanks for all the support, encouragement and inspiration you've offered.  I use every day."