There are a million trainers out there... so what's my story?

I'm a people-person, plain and simple. I love people and I love connecting with people in real down-to-earth ways - no airs.  Some of this probably comes natural and some is a bi-product of living in Texas for twenty years growing up and as a young woman.  (You'll hear the "y'all" still slip out from time to time.)

This served me well in my earlier career in sales, because the people were always more important to me than the product, and integrity is simply a way of life for me - so people knew they could trust me.  The piece of that career that I'm still most proud of was working as the V.P. of Sales in the challenging and exciting startup days of the software company known today as MINDBODY - in fact my WebScheduler (like 28K other businesses!) is powered by them!  (Nowadays you can also use their "Connect" mobile app to book me.)

  After leaving MINDBODY in 2003, my husband asked me a simple question: "If you could do any work, any work at all in the world - and don't think about the money - what would you do?"  I didn't have to search my soul very long for an answer:  "I'd help people live healthier lives," I said.  "I'd be a trainer and health coach."  And in that instant the essence of body-you-love was born, and soon the business was born.

For the last ten years I've conducted hundreds of private trainings and small group classes, and have had the privilege of changing many lives and living out the calling I discovered that day in 2003 (the Testimonials on this site are the real deal by the way.)  As a trainer I've done it all - helped athletes excel, helped women find the sexy body they (and the men in their lives) were after, and helped clients with major challenges lose as much as 50 lbs.

But I've realized that what I love the most is helping real women with real lives (and real bodies!) rise to the everyday challenges of staying healthy and feeling good about themselves.  Let's be honest, there are a million trainers out there and a million fad programs - everything from Insanity! to P90X to Brazilian Butt Lifts and on and on.  Some of it is great stuff... for a certain demographic.  Hey I've done a few of them myself!

If that's the kind of workout you are looking for the market is glutted with options and trainers that will meet your needs - but that's not my passion.  My passion is finding body-you-love women to work with and connect with - women that I can relate to and who can relate to me and appreciate my style, sense of humor, warmth, and ability to make them smile and sweat at the same time.  I like to establish authentic relationships with my Clients so we can work together in a way that's real, so I can meet you on whatever level you're ready for, and so I can truly make a difference in your life - that's my passion.

Going Virtual is new and super exciting for me, because I'm no longer limited to a ten mile radius - now I get to work with body-you-love women all across the country!  So cool.  I was skeptical about Virtual-Skype training at first... but now that I've been doing it and have my Virtual Training Studio set up, I absolutely love it.  From my private studio to your living room it's literally almost like being there - and neither of us has to drive or workout in front of people... or even put makeup on. :)  I look forward to meeting you, but whether we meet or not I ask you to remember and take this one thing with you: Love the body you have

That's my deal. :)